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The Robatary menu is an ever-increasing combination of tastes and flavours all cooked on their in-house Robata charcoal grill, together with an indulgent list of showstopping drinks and cocktails in one of Wakefield's most stylish locations.

The Robatary was named after sampling food that had been cooked on a Robata Grill. The Grill offered such great taste and body, that they set out to introduce one to their kitchen. The Robata Grill originated in Japan and in Japanese cuisine, Robatayaki, meaning fireside cooking, refers to a method of cooking most similar to a barbecue, in which your food is cooked over hot charcoal.

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The charred taste that the hot coals infuse into the food, allows for the meat, fish or vegetables to be cooked in such a way, that the flavours are brought to life by the grill.

With a menu that showcases the best ingredients from land, sea and earth and also their modern interpretation of world-renowned classic cocktails and wines exclusively served by the glass.

Venue name Robatary
Contact: Visit Website Book Online Call 01924 211904
Address 25 Northgate, Wakefield, United Kingdom
Opening hours: Mon–Thu: 12–10pm
Fr–Sat: 12–11pm
Sun: 12–10pm
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