Gondola Raclette

Gondola Raclette aims to push the boundaries of street food both through innovative alpine themed dishes and their original appearance. Serving out of an authentic ski gondola (straight out of the Stubai region in Austria), Gondola Raclette brings an added level of theatre to the street food scene.

For those who don’t know, Raclette is the name both of this Swiss dish and the cheese used in it. The cheese is melted under an electric grill element and scraped over the accompaniments (basically melted cheesey heaven over anything that takes your fancy)
Gondola Raclette specialises in locally sourced produce, brought together through the art of raclette. With an affiliation with Epicure Bar & Kitchen, this is one street food offering that packs a culinary punch.

Want them all to yourself? In their first year, they’re set to attend a variety of events across the country. However, they also cater for private and corporate parties, both at indoor and outdoor venues. Get in touch to see how they can help make your event even more memorable.

Gondola Raclette to star in Michel Roux Jr’s Channel 4 Hidden Restaurants series

Trader Name: Gondola Raclette
Contact: Visit Website Call 07545069094
Address: Leeds, United Kingdom
Areas Served: UK
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