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Pizza Fella’s new home brings Napoli to the people of Leeds

Pizza Fella, 114-116 Vicar Lane, Leeds LS2 7NL – 0113 243 6854
Written by Rosita Rogers – Follow @zitttttta
So what used to be Pulse Cocktails on Vicar Lane (if you know, you know) is now Pizza Fella. With its simplistic yet warming interior, owners Helen and Miles pretty much built the place themselves and spent the majority of their time in there with their hands on something, namely in the form of wood, pizza dough or a MacBook. You’d struggle not to feel welcomed within a few seconds of arriving.
I would go as far to say there’s nowhere else in Leeds like it. The minute you walk in, you notice a pizza oven that has no doubt made its way from Italy. It definitely holds a strong presence and looks almost like an Angry Birds character (a friend mentioned this so quoting him). After sitting down and discussing their desserts, as you do when you’re a little piggy like me, I felt like all I wanted to do was just eat their Italian gelato. The staff started raving about how they’d just finished the last of the minced pie flavoured gelato (really!) and how they’d just brought in a new batch of blue cheese and walnut, and Sicilian pistachio (vegan friendly).
I managed to opt out of the dessert before dinner option and had a San Pellegrino pomegranate to accompany my ‘number three’ pizza. San marzano, fior di latte, anchovies, capers & olives. I didn’t feel hipster enough to drink their ‘range of organic handmade sodas from Square Root, nor did I have any idea what San marzano or fior di latte were, but the menu luckily came with instructions at the back for those that hadn’t trained in Naples on the AVPN (associazone Verace pizza napoletana) foundation course, like Miles.

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My friend who wasn’t really up for eating anchovies or nduja (heavenly spreadable salami) so he decided to go for ‘number two’ – their classic margarita. Faultless.

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An hour later, we were full and very satisfied. We rounded off the evening with shots of limoncello and an espresso. The staff were funny, welcoming and generally great hosts, there was a great vibe, a mixture of families, students, 30 somethings probably hung over from the night before (namely me) and her hipster foodies. I will be back. Next week.
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