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Leeds’ Hospitality Back #NationalTimeOut Initiative To Keep Businesses Alive

Some of Leeds most renowned restaurant and bar owners including those behind the likes of Tattu, Bundobust, North Bar and more, have come together to express their support for the Hospitality Union’s #NationalTimeOut initiative. Urging you to sign a petition so that lenders can support landlords, who can, in turn, support the hospitality industry.

Leeds Bar & Restaurant Owners in a joint letter stated: “In Leeds alone we employ thousands of people, across the country millions are employed in hospitality. We are limited companies, partnerships and family firms nurtured sometimes over decades or generations with love at the cost of blood, sweat and considerable tears in the quest to build our dreams.

Those dreams now hang in ragged tatters. Torn by the storm which is Covid 19. Without assistance, we simply cannot survive on our own.”

What is the #NationalTimeOut Intuitive?

As explained in the Hospitality Union’s proposal – restaurants and bars require a breathing space from rental payments until they can become operational entities once again. The proposal from the Hospitality Union provides a framework to do that whilst not ignoring the fact that they do not exist in isolation and they understand that their landlords have covenants which the restaurants and bars must satisfy, as indeed their lenders require to balance their books. Government intervention is required here to protect all these levels, without it everything could collapse like a house of cards.

Friends of Ham Leeds Brunch & Drinks for Two

How you can help 

Leeds Bar & Restaurant Owners in a joint letter stated: “To those reading this, please remember where you met your loved one, where you laughed, where you sang, danced, ate, and drank. We built our dreams so they could be the backdrop of your golden memories. Please help us to be there for your future memory building. Please help us by rallying to our cause for a #NationalTimeOut and sign this petition.”


Letter jointly signed by:

Martin Wolstencroft CEO & Co-Founder Arc Inspirations
Jamie Lawson Owner Ossett Brewery & Pubs & SALT Beer Factory
Scott Munro Co-Founder Red’s True Barbeque
Seema Dhiman Director/Owner Demon Leisure & The Brotherhood
Adam Jones M.D. Tattu Restaurants
Mark Young Director Sela Bar
Phil Harrison Director Escapism Bar Group Ltd
William Pearson Director Boot & Rally Ltd
Marko Husak Director Bundobust
John Gyngell Director North Bar Ltd
Andrew Turner Director Wax Bar
Ashley Kollakowsli Director Rose Four Ltd
Matthew Jones CEO/Director Roxy Leisure Ltd
Malcolm Evans Director MOJO
Ben Warren Director Concept Taverns Ltd


5 Ways You Can Help Yorkshire’s Hospitality Industry Right Now

Written by

Tara Harris


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