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Cheese and Wine Pairing by York's Cave du Cochon

Cave du Cochon York Wine Bar – York Best Bars

Cheese and Wine Pairing by York’s Cave du Cochon

Cave du Cochon is a Parisian-style wine bar in the heart of York by renowned French restaurant Le Cochon Aveugle. Focusing on bio-dynamic and organic wines from the very best independent and small producers from across the globe. Plus the most unreal meat and cheese selection sourced from Corsica and France, to pair with your chosen tipple. They’ve shared with us their favourite cheese and wine pairing from the bar this month.
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Cheese: 30 months aged Comté
Comté is considered one of the finest cheeses in the world, a strong, hard cheese originally made by shepherds in the Jura Massif. Made using unpasteurised cow’s milk this cheese has a hard rind but with a soft pale yellow interior. Thearomatic flavours of the cheese are balanced between brown butter and roasted nuts, but with a sweet finish.
Traditional Wine Pairing: Vin Jaune, Chateau Chalon, Jura, France 2008
The perfect pairing for Comté is a Vin Jaune (yellow wine), which is made in the same region and made to be together. Chateau Chalon Vin Jaune is vinified in a cuve (vat), then transferred into old oak barrels and aged under flor (layer of yeast) for a further 6 years. It has a wonderfully complex nose of chestnuts, figs, prunes and nuts, similar to sherry in many ways.
Wildcard Wine Pairing: Bonkers, Patrick Sullivan, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia, 2016
Our wildcard pairing is a sensational wine called Bonkers, which is from the land of experimental, but often utterly fabulous wines – Australia! This is a wonderful blend of 7 different red and white wine grapes, harvested over 3 years from different parcels of land. As of yet, the 7 grapes remain undisclosed to us – and the wine producer! They simply don’t know exactly what quantity of which grape from which year has gone into it. But, the wine has some intense fruit, with a slight white wine sharpness to it. A very distinctive nose (think Gewurtztraminer) is followed by red fruits, with tropical, musky and exotic notes all at the same time. A distinct nuttiness and spice are present here also. This is a red wine that should be treated like a rosé and chilled down – can you see why it’s called Bonkers now?!
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Find out more about one of Yorkshire’s best-loved Parisian style wine bars. 
Cave du Cochon York Wine Bar – York Best Bars  

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