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Six steps to the perfect pizza from all fired up pizzas

There are so many important factors in making the perfect pizza. All Fired Up Pizzas from West Yorkshire serve fresh artisan wood fired pizzas across the region and have shared some of their best tips to help you create your own perfect pizza.

  1. Temperature… We have found after many months of trial and error that 350c is the optimum temperature to cook the perfect pizza. After about 2 minutes the toppings are cooked, the cheese is golden and the base is perfectly crisp.
  2. Wood… We’ve experimented with about 5 different types of kiln dried wood and we’ve finally found that Alder is definitely the very best wood for getting the oven up to temperature the quickest and also great for instant flames that creates the perfect browning infusion on our pizza top.
  3. Why Wood Oven? If used to its potential it’s definitely a marvellous and rewarding method of cooking. Being able to cook outside and have the smells engulf the immediate surroundings is what creates a queue every time without fail. We love and actually encourage children and adults to watch their pizzas cook and they’re always so shocked at how it cooks within 2 minutes.
  4. Cheese… After much research we realised that most fast food and high street pizza chains use 70/30 cheese mixes which is salty, oily and overall very greasy. We therefore set out very early on to use only 100% Mozzarella & 100% Cheddar which is what makes our pizzas so tasty.
  5. Sauce and Dough is obviously the back rock and most important factor when it comes to any pizza but we’re afraid that this is a well kept secret we wish to keep so the only advice I can give is keep experimenting and take on feedback until you’re happy with what you’ve created. If we can say one thing its use the best ingredients you can afford
  6.  Toppings… We only top our pizzas with the very finest locally sourced meats from our local farm shop. We would recommend that you become friends with your local farm shop butcher and they’ll make sure you get the very best cuts of meat.

To find out more about All Fired Up Pizzas check out their page here

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