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Alpine Cheese Fondue & Wine Pairing from Cave du Cochon Wine Bar York

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Alpine Cheese Fondue & Wine Pairing from Cave du Cochon Wine Bar York

Cave du Cochon’s resident wine buff Ian shares with us his recommendation for the perfect wine pairing to go with their mouth-watering cheese fondue. In the heart of the city centre, Cave du Cochon is a Parisian-style wine bar in York, owned by renowned French restaurant Le Cochon Aveugle.
Food: Alpine Cheese Fondue (50% Gruyère and 50% Emmental)
Traditional Pairing: Chasselas Blanc (a Swiss white wine)
Our Pairing: Grüner Veltliner, Martin and Anna Arndorfer, Kamptal, Austria 2016

Our Alpine fondue is a classic blend of Gruyère and Emmental cheeses. Gruyère is a semi-hard cheese with complex nutty and creamy flavours, that works perfectly with Emmental which has a slightly harder texture by balancing Gruyere’s sweetness you get with a slight sourness from the Emmental. Both cheeses are combined with garlic, dry white wine and a splash of Kirsch (cherry liqueur). With care and attention, this produces a wonderfully melted, rich and creamy cheese fondue, perfect for dipping sourdough bread in. For a little extra decadence, we grate fresh summer truffle in ours.

Traditionally, you tend to think of pairing red wine or port with cheese. However, with fondue, this runs the risk of being just too heavy and overloading your senses. It wouldn’t be long before you needed a snooze to recover! Therefore we recommend a dry white wine instead.

Our Grüner Veltliner is an Austrian wine, 100% hand harvested, unfined (fining agents are put in the wine to remove any solids and add clarity to the wine) and unfiltered (after the fermentation process wine is generally filtered through a special mesh, which removes any particles or larger sediments from the wine). Grüner Veltliner is an aromatic grape and with no filtering or fining, the aromas of lemon and white flowers really stand out. When tasting there is a unique sweetness that softly lingers on your palate, but also you get a curiously wonderful soft fizz on the tongue – but not quite enough to be called a sparkling wine or even a frizzante. This is just a wine that has been bottled young and quickly so the secondary fermentation has not yet finished – it is just a small release of carbon dioxide.
Combined with the indulgent fondue, this fresh style of wine cuts through the richness and clears your palate – allowing for yet more cheese!

Find out more about Cave Du Cochon 
Cave Du Cochon, 19 Walmgate, York YO1 9TX – 01904 640222


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