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Falafel Guys Launch their Big Buns Smash Burger Concept in Leeds

The Falafel Guys have taken up residency at one of Leeds’ most popular bars, Distrikt, and are now bringing us a smash burger and loaded fries eatery, to the centre of Leeds, Big Buns.

The Falafel Guys brothers announced on their social media pages that “It’s time for something new and exciting. After 4 years of perfecting the falafel, it’s about time to perfect the smash burger.” They don’t lie about perfecting the ‘falafel’, with Falafel Guys toping the TripAdvisor rankings for over 3 years running, out of more than 1100 restaurants in Leeds.

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Abdalla Ramzy who co-founded Big Buns in Leeds, said: “We are ready for something new. The pandemic has slowed us down with our new concept but never stopped us from making it happen. Our secret sauce to the success is to never give up and adapt to all changes quickly and serve the best quality food and this is what we are going to carry on doing through Big Buns. Yes, we’ve opened just outside Five Guys, but we’re learned in the past 4 years, that Leeds are big on independent and quality products and we are committed to using the best ingredients.”

“We are thrilled to be opening and starting something new, especially during those difficult times. We’re craving the challenge of raising the level of this already crowded burger space. We would not be able to do it without our customers and their support.”

Big Buns Leeds Menu

“Our menu includes smash beef burgers and of course vegetarian and vegan options. Our burgers will be served with fries and the option of loaded fries. We also want to carry on with what we do the best and make our existing falafel brand proud and serve delicious falafel burgers”, said the co-founder, Ahmed Ramzy of Big Buns in Leeds.

“Opening a new business during these unprecedented times to many might be a risky decision but to us, this has been a long-time coming and there is never a perfect time. There is always something happening, and we simply didn’t want to give up on our dream”, added Abdalla Ramzy.

Big Buns will be serving their smash burgers and loaded fries in Leeds through their delivery partners UberEats and Deliveroo. Find out more via their Instagram page @BigBunsUK.


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