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The Milestone Sheffield Celebrate Best Loved Dishes with New Menu

The Milestone Sheffield Celebrate Best Loved Dishes with New Menu

In a world full of trends, competition and countless places to eat, it can be difficult for restaurants to stand out from the crowd. The Milestone in Sheffield, a gastropub within the popular Kelham Island area, has managed to stay grounded amongst the trends, allowing room for their chefs to air their own creativity whilst rooting themselves firmly in the gastropub tradition. Amazing food need not be eaten in silence with the price tag through the roof, this is a place for laughs, stories and good friends, and leaving with a satisfied belly and tingling taste buds.

For those without a concrete idea of what being a ‘gastropub’ actually entails, it’s basically a pub committed to serving high-quality food. In the spirit of this, The Milestone is ensuring not only that its food remains of the highest quality possible, but also that the ‘pub’ is not removed from ‘gastropub’. The atmosphere is clean and comfy whilst also being homely and relaxed, an atmosphere common to all good pubs.

The Milestone Sheffield    The Milestone Sheffield

The Milestone’s New Gastropub Menu

Sitting down to chat through their new menu, it is clear that Head Chef Bil is passionate about The Milestone and the whole process behind setting a delicious meal in front of customers. Bil first started at The Milestone in August 2015 as a demi chef de partie, within 9 months of starting at The Milestone he found himself as senior sous chef acting as head chef. The ethos that has really inspired Bil is around the ‘nose-to-tail’ approach in which no food is wasted. This comes from working with and learning from Sheffield’s highly acclaimed Joro Head Chef and proprietor Luke French. A previous head chef at The Milestone. This approach also helps inspire creativity when it comes to the menu as every bit of food is used: leftovers from the butchering process used to create stocks and sauces or the tips of vegetables turned into unusual but delicious additions to dishes. Bil discussed the responsibility he felt as a chef to not contribute to unnecessary waste, which he relished as an opportunity to be challenged by an unusual ingredient and produce something that lived up to and added something special to the rest of the dish. Such an approach to food extends to other aspects of food preparation at The Milestone, such as reducing plastic waste from suppliers and educating people on the uses of each part of the animal or vegetable.


The Milestone Sheffield

The Milestone has an air of working together and passing on advice and knowledge, which for Bilal comes not only from within The Milestone but also from his mum who lives off the land and inspired Bil into his career. Living off the land clearly means eating seasonally, which matches The Milestone’s celebration of high quality local and seasonal produce. Their excitement about the amazing ingredients that can be found within and around Sheffield is clear and found within their dishes and drinks. Stacey, General Manager at The Milestone, and Bilal both talked about inspiring excitement for vegetables within their menu, and they have clearly taken care to produce dishes in which vegetables are not an after-thought but an essential part of the meal.

£50 Voucher at The Milestone, Sheffield

A plate of Whipped tofu with heirloom tomato salad, rocket, nasturtium and pickled shallot was placed in front of me, a vegan dish with no expense spared. I didn’t have to hype myself up to be excited by these vegetables, their freshness, texture and colour brought the plate to life and the whipped tofu was creamy and delicious. This dish may sound a little un-gastropub-like, but like every dish on the menu, it’s a celebration of The Milestone’s gastropub roots. The dish has evolved over time, from featuring goat’s cheese to the whipped tofu, a classic Milestone dish that still has the ability to excite people, be up-to-date and to be a stunning example of the quality veg that Yorkshire produces.

The Milestone Sheffield Whipped Tofu Starter
Whipped tofu with heirloom tomato salad, rocket, nasturtium and pickled shallot at The Milestone, Sheffield
Pork tenderloin main dish at The Milestone, Sheffield
Pork tenderloin with savoy cabbage, potato rösti, sage crisp and pickled apple at The Milestone, Sheffield

One of Bil’s favourite dishes, the Pork tenderloin with savoy cabbage, potato rösti, sage crisp and pickled apple, similarly felt like a celebration of each ingredient. A truly pub-sized portion with gastro-level attention to detail, this dish featured tender slices of pork garnished with the crisp sage leaves, astride the surprisingly delicate but deliciously carby potato rösti, which was all sat upon a bed of Savoy cabbage. Each mouthful, with a square of pickled apple and mouth-watering sauce, felt luxurious and naughty, but the cabbage added vitamin-filled greenery to the plate! The menu has something for everyone, making The Milestone the perfect place for everything from those big celebrations complete with the best booze, to weeknight catch-ups with a friend or a quick lunch to take a respite from work.


The Milestone Sheffield Chicken breast with gnocchi and broad beans
Chicken breast with gnocchi and broad beans

Working with local producers & accolades

The Milestone is a true Sheffield establishment and favourite, and their focus on the food that they’re known for and excel at gives the menu both a gastropub root and the quality based upon years of establishing themselves. They work with Pie-Eyed, an award-winning Sheffield pie company, for the two pies on the menu, and like to feature local spirits or small based producers for specials on the menu. Look out for special events and celebrations happening at The Milestone, such as bank holiday brunch (definitely not one to miss) and upcoming participation in the likes of National Burger Month and more. Of course, the menu will also change seasonally to make the most of the available produce. In terms of accolades, The Milestone is not lacking. From semi-finalists in Ramsey’s Best Restaurant, Michelin and AA guide recognition and two-time winners of the Eat Sheffield Awards, they are no strangers to recognition. However, they were clear that their focus is not on accumulating accolades but ensuring their dedication to amazing food comes from a genuine heart and desire that each dish would be thoroughly enjoyed by the people they serve.

The Milestone Sheffield Halibut with pearl barley risotto and pomegranate
Halibut with pearl barley risotto and pomegranate

To sum up The Milestone, ‘genuine’ seems to be the word. They are genuine in their desire to see satisfied customers and smiling faces, curating a genuine gastropub in both food and atmosphere. Their commitment to Sheffield is genuine, as is their commitment to the environment and waste management. The heart behind the restaurant is also evident, with a genuine desire to see each employee grow and build on skills so that every drink and every plate of food is the best that it can be!

The Milestone Sheffield Adress & Contact Details

Address: The Milestone, 84 Green Ln, Sheffield S3 8SE 

Book your table online or call 0114 272 8327

Words by YFG’s Jemima Parsons, Photos by Jonathan Harris 


3 Course Sunday Lunch for Two at The Milestone Sheffield

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Jemima Parsons


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