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16 of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Leeds

16 of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Leeds

The best vegan restaurants in Leeds might, at first, seem like a potentially skinny list. In a region renowned for its love of meat, I mean our regional dish is a Sunday roast! But trust us, vegan or not, you’re going to want to have a try for yourself.

Even in Leeds restaurants that aren’t 100% vegan, they’re still going above and beyond to offer plant-based, conscious dishes that don’t skimp on flavour to be enjoyed by meat lovers and vegetable fanatics alike.

Vegan Restaurants Leeds - Doner Summer - Bad Girl Kebab

Döner Summer

You might think that after forgoing meat you’d never taste fried chicken or doner kebabs again, that unmistakable satisfaction that only greasy meat can bring. Well, do I have news for you, or rather does Doner Summer have news for you, the first on our list of best vegan restaurants in Leeds.

Wolf down any one of their tantalising kebabs, keep it classic with the Berlin, fresh pitta filled with doner strips, fresh salad, pickles, scotch bonnet sauce and pink aioli. Or try a little twist, with buttermilk fried Chick’n Parm kebab. Or just keep it simple with a tray of fried chick’n with spice options and sauces of your choosing.

10-12 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 6DN – 0113 345 1930

Indian Tiffin Room Leeds Bhel Puri

Indian Tiffin Room

Some of the tastiest things come in the smallest of packages, that’s what a Tiffin Room is all about. And Indian Tiffin Room is one of the experts, serving some of the best in authentic Indian street food. Boasting a fantastic vegan menu loaded with everything from your classics, homemade samosas, crispy dosas with spice laden sauces or perhaps a mushroom tikka kebab.

Cross cultures from their Indo-Chinese section with food originating from Chinese communities in Kolkata, with Haka noodles or Schezwan rice. If you’re looking for flavour then you’ve found it.

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31-31, Park Row, Leeds, LS1 5JD – 0113 397 2000

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Vegan Restaurants Leeds -Cantina - Dirty Vegan Burger


Old Red Bus Station is well known for their ever-changing roster of events and great nights out. Perhaps you didn’t know they’ve got some great vegan bites as well. Serving up your classics alongside some great drinks, you’ve got your standard burgers done to perfection; you try telling me the Hashbrown Down burger with, you guessed it, hash browns on top of your burger doesn’t have your stomach howling already?

102 -104 Vicar Lane, LS2 7NL, 0113 345 1661

Vegan Restaurants Leeds - PUNK - Loaded fries


Join PUNK in the food revolution! If revolution means delicious burgers, wraps, toasties and some absolutely banging chips then count us as members. And it sure does mean all of this, and more! Great for your standard small bites; dirty hash fries, loaded nachos or fried cauli-wings covered in BBQ sauce, punk mayo, chilli sauce and jalapeños.

82 Brudenell Rd, Leeds, LS6 1EG – 0113 217 0360

Vegan Restaurants Leeds - Knaves Kitchen - Burger and Loaded Macaroni Cheese

Knaves Kitchen at Oporto Bar

Oporto is a Call Lane weekend institution, a mainstay of your classic night out in Leeds. But, did you know they also serve up some fantastic vegan junk food in Knaves Kitchen inside? Serving up some of the best bar food around, your choice of loaded fries like their Hogtied Waffle fries covered in Mac and Cheez, Facon pieces, mayo and tobacco ketchup. Or Colonel Rodgers OG Recipe fried chick’n tenders with corn on the cob and gravy.

33 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7BT – 0113 245 4444

Vegan Restaurants Leeds - House of Fu - selection of dishes

House of Fu

Serving some great Japanese fusion food, you can’t miss the brightly blue lit stylishly tiled interior when you’re walking down the Headrow. Expect some amazing plant-based options; Fancy a rice bowl packed with flavour? You’ve got your spicy tofu or cauliflower bowl. Or if you’re in the mood for ramen, which we highly suggest getting in the mood for, take your pick of the Green Ramen or Tantan Ramen with a miso and shiitake broth, toasted rye noodles, plant-based spiced mince, greens and drizzled with crunchy chilli oil.

If you’re looking for vegan restaurants in Leeds that serve great bowls of flavour, look no further!

15-19 The Headrow, Leeds LS1 6PU – 0113 456 456

Vegan Restaurants Leeds - Humpit - pitta

Humpit Hummus & Pita Bar

Humpit is the absolute perfect spot for a bit of great tasty lunch, revolutionising the idea of fast food completely. Throw your unhealthy grease laden burgers out the window in favour of a 100% plant based menu. Freshly made pittas or salad bowls topped with your choice of hummus, falafels, pickles and a great range of tasty sauces. When you’re out looking for the best vegan restaurants in Leeds, don’t skip Humpit!

Leeds University Union, Lifton Place, Leeds, LS2 9JZ – 07592 054154


Vegan Restaurants Leeds - Eat Your Greens

Eat Your Greens

Eat Your Greens is a restaurant doing things a little differently, with community at its heart. Visit during the daytime for your organic grocery needs shopping for the best local produce. But during the night you can enjoy a humble European style modern restaurant fit with an organic wine bar.

With delicious vegan options; the harlequin roasted squash with curried lentils and flatbread or their vegan Spanish omelette with charred sweet bite peppers and a spicy tomato chutney.

42 New York Street, Leeds, LS2 7DY – 0113 244 6896

Vegan Restaurants Leeds - FINT


Scandinavian inspired food is relatively underrepresented here in the UK, and we’re not sure why. I’m sure you’ll feel the same after a trip to FINT. Simplicity is key here, refining only the best ingredients with Scandinavian preparation techniques to deliver food you won’t forget.

With offerings of beautifully intricate and deliciously filled vegetable pithivier, the winter spiced crumpets dipped in a citrus custard topped with fig compote and vegan ice cream. Enjoy all of this in their stylishly simple woody interior and a lovely warm atmosphere. Truly one of the best vegan restaurants in Leeds.

73 Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3BR – 0113 244 3838

Vegan Restaurants Leeds - Bundobust - selection of dishes


Another staple of the vegetarian/vegan community. Bundobust is well renowned for its fantastic contribution to the Leeds food scene, changing the way we eat Indian food. Opting for smaller bites to share with your friends, choose a few go on!

You’ll never go wrong with the crispy dosa, or their new meatless meat range. With a fantastically broad range of options to turn even the biggest meat lovers out there, shami kebab anybody? Yes please!

6 Mill Hill, Leeds, LS1 5DQ – 0113 243 1248

Vegan Restaurants Leeds - Bundobust - selection of dishes

Water Lane Boathouse

There’s few places nicer to spend a day outside supping under the sun than Water Lane Boathouse, right next to the canal. But even if the suns nowhere to be seen, and let’s face it that’s pretty much all the time, Water Lane Boathouse is still the place to go for great drinks and great no fuss food.

Enjoy freshly made sourdough pizzas from their wood-fired pizza oven and yes there’s vegan options! Choose either the simple marinara, topped with San Marzano tomatoes, garlic oil and fresh oregano, or have it topped with roasted peppers, onions and spinach. Alternatively, fill your boots with their vegan club sandwich, bursting with a spring green bhaji, avocado, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce. Get yourself down!

Water Lane, Leeds, LS11 5PS – 0113 246 0985

Vegan Restaurants Leeds - Issho - Sushi


Sitting on top of the swanky Victoria Gate centre is one of Leeds’ finest Japanese restaurants, serving some of the best sushi around in one of the nicest interior settings you’d find round here. Who says sushi has to have fish to be satisfying? Not Issho. With stars of the menu like the vegetable zen maki roll, teriyaki tofu bao or pumpkin gyozas with a citrus miso sauce.

Victoria Gate 3rd Floor Rooftop, Ludgate Hill, Leeds LS2 7AU – 0113 426 5000

Vegan Restaurants Leeds - Gron Kafe - overhead

Grön Kafé

Another eatery carving out their name in the food scene with great attention to sustainability is Gron Kafe. They pride themselves on ‘keeping it clean’ with a huge range of plant based options for vegetarians and vegans alike.

They’ve got delicious offerings to suit any time of day and any mood, with delectable pancakes, banana bread, garlic mushrooms on toast. Or for the warmer, soul feeding options, Gron winter hash with sweet potato, vegan sausage, vegan bacon, tomato and red onion salsa and chive oil. Or, their Wellness Broth! Come on, the clues in the name! Do it for your own wellness!

454 Roundhay Road, Oakwood, Leeds, LS8 2HU – 07715 657 733

Vegan Restaurants Leeds - Mog's - Vegan Dog


Mog’s reputation on the streets is unmatched, lauded by students and junk food fans alike. Not for fans of clean eating, and proudly so. It’s no wonder why this is one of the most talked about vegan restaurants in Leeds, with a burger for every mood.

You can choose from favourites you may have heard of; the ‘Big Mog’ or your standard cheeseburger right to their charmingly named ‘Donut Do That’ burger, with beef patty, bacon and BBQ sauce sandwiched between two sugar ring donuts. Or maybe you’re in the mood for a hotdog, well they’ve got you covered there too. If you need convincing, head over to their website. They’ve got pictures of everything, just remember to wipe your dribble off your screen when you’re done.

55 Kirkstall Lane, Kirkstall, Leeds, LS5 3BE – 07946 287 561

Vegan Restaurants Leeds - Manjit's Kitchen - selection of dishes

Manjit’s Kitchen

Manjit’s has been a Leeds lunchtime staple since it opened, and there’s no trouble understanding why. Variety is the key here, with a multitude of curries to choose from daily, from your classic dhal to a fantastic range of temple curries.

We’d recommend going with the thali plate, showcasing a little bite of all the curries they have that day. Or if you’re not in the mood for curry today then the bhaji wrap is calling your name! Whatever you choose you’re going to be happy at Manjit’s, one of the most flavourful and best vegan restaurants in Leeds.

333 Kirkstall Road, Kirkstall, Leeds, LS4 2HD – 07941 183 132

Vegan Restaurants Leeds - Meat is Dead - selection of dishes

Meat is Dead

Another heavy hitter in the Leeds vegan food game is a relatively new entry for vegan restaurants in Leeds, but their impact is undeniable! They’ve truly got something for every vegan out there with their sheer range of food gems for every occasion.

Wanting a few small plates to share? Well, have a go of their homemade focaccia bread which you could have with creamy mushroom and tarragon pate and ghost chilli corn cobs. Need something good to go? They have you covered with a nourishing rainbow wrap or green salad bowl. They’ve even got a choice of vegan roasts for the Sunday crowd with a ‘Nutty Carvery’ butternut squash filled with cranberries, lentils and mixed nuts or the ‘Beet Wellington’ pastry filled with sautéed mushrooms and juicy beetroot steak.

231-239 Kirkstall Road, Kirkstall, Leeds, LS4 2AS – 0113 294 9431


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