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New Menu and charcoal fired Spanish Josper oven at Ambiente Leeds

Not content with being one of Leeds finest independent Tapas Restaurants, Ambiente restaurant and sherry bar on the calls have added a brand new state of the art oven to their cooking repertoire.
Their new oven, a Spanish- made Josper, is an enclosed charcoal fired grill that allows their chefs to smoke and grill at the same time at temperatures of up to 500 degrees.   It’s an intense and quick way of cooking, adding a unique flavour and texture whilst retaining juiciness. Josper ovens have been in use in Barcelona for over 40 years, and this new addition to the Leeds dining scene will provide customers with a unique Spanish-inspired dining experience.
With the new oven also comes a brand new Menu at Ambiente tapas, one that lends itself perfectly to the Josper’s fire-breathing, chef-melting, charcoal-eating way of cooking and to Ambiente’s ethos of only cooking dishes fresh every day.
The menu now features cooked-to-perfection dishes such as Bistec de Arrachera (dry rubbed skirt of beef served with bbq roasted onions & chimichurri), Pulpo a la Brasa (a lightly charred whole octopus tentacle) and Mazorca de Maiz Asada (roasted corn on the cob finished with a pimento spiced butter).
Ambiente’s new menu will delight both regulars and new customers with the ultimate BBQ experience. Their new menu is available now.
For more info or to book a table, have a look at their restaurant page here

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