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Yorkshire Gins – Our pick of the best from the dales, coast & moors

There is no surprise why Yorkshire is titled as ‘God’s Own County’. Its idyllic scenery and cobbled streets are not only bestowed for its cosy community atmosphere, but the spirit of the region lies in its Yorkshire Gin. With an abundance of distilleries priding themselves on using the old copper stills and locally foraged ingredients, an eclectic and extensive range of award-winning gin brands and flavours have been birthed right here in Yorkshire.

As you sift through this article, you’ll feel nostalgic from the wave of seaside memories that Whitby Gin brings, being famous for combining land and sea botanicals to create a truly unique taste. From household names such as Slingsby and Masons, to bespoke micro-batches of Hotham’s; you’ll be truly spoilt when choosing your next tipple.

Cooper King Distillery Gin Offer Cocktail Image - Yorkshire Gin

Cooper King Distillery

Previously a scientist and an architect, the owners of the multi-award-winning Cooper King Distillery have paired their previous occupations together to create an innovative, sustainable and 100% green Yorkshire Gin collection. Their Dry Gin is a straight-up no-nonsense spirit, created with honey from their family beehives, crushed cardamom for a subtle spice and a lick of local lavender for a floral finish. By encapsulating the earth’s products from God’s own county of Yorkshire, their Herb Gin is a staple of what their home of Howardian Hills and the Yorkshire Dales represent. With Yorkshire soil at the core of this independent distillery, every single bottle of Cooper King gin purchased helps plant one square metre of woodland so they ensure to give back what they take.

Masons Yorkshire Gin Bottle

Masons Yorkshire Gin

Masons of Beadle truly know how to make some of the best Yorkshire gin. As their collection ranges from a Yorkshire Tea flavour to a spicy Peppered Pear, there’s Yorkshire spirit in every sip. Having accomplished a gold medal at the Gin Awards 2020, Mason’s Yorkshire Gin has been rightfully recognised across the country. In true Yorkshire style, every bottle is created by their policy of no gimmicks and lots of hard work from start to finish.

Whitby Gin Yorkshire Afternoon Tea Talbot Malton

Whitby Gin

Whitby Yorkshire Gin is distilled with botanicals from both the land and sea, from the Yorkshire Moors to Scarborough beach. By combining dry botanicals such as Heather flower with the seas forgotten sugar kelp and pepper dulse, each bottle is distilled with Harrogate aquifer water for a crystal finish. Their expert flavours consist of Bramble and Bay, Wild Old Tom and a special Barghest Limited edition.

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York Gin

You’ll find Yorkshire’s heartbeat in its capital of York, home to an array of famous architecture and an abundance of bars and restaurants. York Gin is the only gin made in the city, which also houses their sustainable distillery and their very own gin shop in the exquisite Tudor building of Herbert House by the iconic Shambles. Yorkshire by name and Yorkshire by nature, their gin collection showcases a flora flavoured Roman Fruit which is inspired by the Ancient motto, ‘I came, I saw, I drank’. Their London Dry Gin was awarded two stars at the Great Taste Awards (deemed as “above and beyond delicious”), with judges describing it as “perfect”.

If you’re looking for something with an extra punch, their Navy strength gin, Outlaw, is a dangerous 57% and inspired by the city’s oldest villains.

Hotham's Yorkshire Gin & Vodka alcohol delivery service

Hotham’s Gin

Reigning champions of the East Yorkshire Tourism Awards in both 2019 and 2020, Hotham’s Gin first began in the port city of Hull where the owners decided that the gin frenzy market was in need of something spectacular. Nestled in buzzing Old Town, Hotham Gin Distillery not only welcomes visitors for tours of the multi-award-winning establishment but through their expertise, customers can create their own unique bottle to take home. With the school’s success, Simon and Emma, co-owners and couple, expanded their business to Leeds.

Every bottle of Hotham’s Yorkshire Gin is created through a fine distillery process that includes botanicals such as cardamom and juniper for a piquant taste passing through copper stills before being produced into a micro-batch of 50 bottles.

Slingsby Gooseberry Gin Landscape WEB

Slingsby Gin

In 1571 a travelling Yorkshire man, William Slingsby, discovered the prepossessing hills of Harrogate and restored the silky spring water of Tewit Well. Through its restoration, the idyllic scenery of Harrogate’s landscape was unearthed and travellers across the globe would continue to be rejuvenated by the town to present day. Co-founders of Spirit of Harrogate, created in 2014, have encapsulated what Harrogate is synonymous for with their Yorkshire inspired gin tipples such as their Gooseberry Gin with is a sharp, tempered, tang. Famously, their renowned Yorkshire Rhubarb Gin has been created from the ‘Rhubard Triangle’, making an eminent gift for both food and gin lovers. Slingsby Gin is a household name that makes staying home with your favourite tipple all the worthwhile.

Hedgerow Sloemotion Yorkshire Gin

Sloemotion Distillery

Hedgerow Gin

Sloemotion distillery presents Hedgerow Dry Gin and its fruitful accomplices, Rhubarb and Raspberry and Blackberry and Apple. Situated near Malton, is the idyllic Green Farm in sleepy Barton-le-Willows, home to this artisan Yorkshire gin distillery. The embryonic business began with one-man-band, ‘Joff’, who is a born and bred Yorkshireman, avid farmer and a Sloe Gin connoisseur. Sloemotion’s heady Hedgerow Gin is a hazy nip of crab apple and nettle leaf with a mellow tang of rosehip, elderflower, and wildflower. Every botanical has been foraged from the hedges and meadows surrounding the farm. Each bottle’s distinctive attribute is made from the recycled sloe stones infused in every batch to give it a unique nutty flavour.

Finders Yorkshire Gin

Finders Gin

This new Yorkshire gin by Joff and his award-winning team at Green Farm is an adventurous range that breaks the mould for plain Jane gin. Though infused near York, Finders Gin is created with a collection of carefully picked ingredients from across the globe. Handy during lockdown as you can take your taste buds on a trip, as you sip through an amalgamation of exotic berries infused in their Fruits of the Forest Gin. Or, experience a luscious Lemon and Lime Gin, their citrus blend botanical. Their ethos takes shape from Joff’s background as a conversationist and ecologist and that’s why the motto of ‘re-cycle, re-use and re-purpose’ comes second nature to them.

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Whittaker's Yorkshire Gin

Whittaker’s Gin

Born, bred and based in Harrogate, Whittaker’s Yorkshire Gin has been recognised away from its home in Nidderdale and crossed the sea to America. The family-run distillery has an eclectic list of awards that complement their extensive range that suits every season. Their international winner, Whittaker’s Original Gin relishes a sharp, punchy taste from the Yorkshire Moor’s bounteous Bog Merytle. Their tart Summer Solstice Gin is a blend of pink grapefruit and pomegranate, ideal for warm evenings.

Rare Bird Distillery Yorkshire Gin

Rare Bird Distillery

Reputable for their award-winning food brands, Malton is equally acclaimed for their Yorkshire Gin distillery, Rare Bird. The artisan superiors pride themselves on sophisticated creations such as their Natural Yorkshire Gin that is has notes of a distinguishing warm ginger taste. Their motto stands by ‘What grows together, goes together’, making their remarkable spirits stand out from the rest.

Sir Robin of Locksley Gin Sheffield Yorkshire Gin

Sir Robin of Locksley Gin

Sir Robin of Locksley is a complex creation that acquires a mixture of the modernists favourite, London Dry Gin, and an 18th-century classic Old Tom. Inspired by the tale of Sheffield’s Robin Hood, Locksley Distillery infuse the bold botanicals of juniper, with the warm cassia notes with soothing dandelion for its finishing flavour. Following tradition, their foraging and distillery processes are hand raised as their ethos establishes an eco-friendly and ethical practice. Like Robin Hood himself, they give back what they take by rewarding growers and harvesters fairly as well as working with local charities such as Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital.

Elderflower Gin Raisthorpe Manor

Raisthorpe Manor

Best known for their astonishing collection of 52 awards across their fine food and drink products, this Yorkshire Wolds farm have established their expertise in creating an indulgent gin range. With distinctive packaging to their equally special flavours, such as the Caramel Sea Salt Gin, you can purchase most of their gins and liqueurs in bottles from 5cl to 70cl. Handpicked and pure ingredients guarantee the best distilling and that’s why Raisthorpe Manor are regals of Yorkshire Gin. The family business maintains and promotes the benefits of community, by employing local people and working with nearby businesses. Together, they have produced some incredible gins such as the Damson Gin and Shimmering Peardrop.

Humber Street Distillery Yorkshire Gin

Humber Street Distillery

Crowned the City of Culture in 2017, the maritime heritage of Hull was re-recognised and Humber Street was renovated with a trendy, hipster face-lift. The cobbles are pocketed with independent eateries and bars, but the star of the street saw Humber Street Distillery awarded with the Reyta Awards for Tourism in 2018. They work with master distiller Jamie Baxter to proudly produce 100 different varieties of gin, spirits and craft beers. A humble favourite is their bespoke Hull Rhubarb and Berry Gin, an appeasing contrast to their brassy and herbal Hull Trawlerman Gin.


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